It is truly a blessing to have found Chelanes Pomeranians and the most dedicated dream of a breeder in Elaine Waugh. Her passion for Poms and the betterment of the breed is remarkable. Penuchi, a chocolate parti boy and "my heart" came into my life after losing my 17 year old Pom, Cody. I am glad that Elaine is a Pomeranian breeder for purely selfish reasons. All breeds would benefit from having someone like Elaine. The love, skill, and dedication she demonstrates cannot be adequately put into words. People stop me in the street and comment that Penuchi is the most beautiful Pom they have ever seen! What a coat, what a face, and what an amazing disposition. He is the goodwill ambassador for my Salon spreading joy wherever he goes, teaching us to live in the moment and appreciate the wonder in the littlest thing! He is magic and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to treasure this fuzzy little bear.

As I write, Penuchi sits at my feet. He is the most beautiful little parti Pom and I can't thank you enough for him; we treasure him! I just wanted wanted to wish you the very best for the holidays and New Year.

Ellen & Kenn Settanni
New York
Christmas 2010


I have been meaning to write and tell you what a wonderful addition our Pom has been to our home. My only child moved away to college 3 years ago and the house felt very empty. I kept waiting and waiting for the house to seem like a home again but two years later it still felt empty. I felt like it might never seem like a home again.

My husband suggested getting a Pomeranian, and after some research he suggested we contact you. We bought Munchkin (Munchie for short) last fall from you. He was listed as the blue and tan boy with white boots. Iím sure you will remember him because he had broken his leg a few months before and had pins in his front leg. Munchkin has made our house into a home again. He has a fantastic personality, is very loyal and very much in tune with his human family.

I donít want to keep repeating myself but I canít tell you enough what a great little dog he is. When we took him to the vet , the vet wanted to know where we got him because his personality was so good. When I took him to get groomed the groomer asked if I had gotten Munchkin from you and said that she can always spot your dogs because they look so good. Wherever I take him he is an instant hit due to his lively personality and sweet disposition.

I just wanted to let you know that we love this little dog and he has a very good home here with us. It is very clear to me that you spend a lot of love and care on your puppies and it really shows.

Thank you,
Laura Roemer 

Hi Elaine!

I just wanted to write a little testimonial to you about our puppy that we bought from you about two years ago.

Growing up I always wanted a dog. My dad and sister were on board but my mom was the one that needed the convincing. She was very picky about dogs. She didn't want a big one that would chew up the furniture, make a big mess, and be really slobbery. In the summer of 2008 I began trying to convince her to get a small dog. She was warming up to the idea a little but not totally. I needed to find one that wouldn't shed a lot, wasn't really yappy, and could be well trained. For those next few weeks I was buying dog books, researching, doing everything. But it was my dad that was referred to your website and got us thinking about a Pomeranian.

My mom liked the idea that they were paper trained and had all of their shots. So we set a date to go see these puppies. We had three well behaved puppies to choose from. We chose a black and white boy and from then on we were in love. We brought him home and he quickly adjusted to our new life. We didn't hear a peep from him for a long time, we weren't even sure if he knew how to bark! One thing that we weren't expecting was to love him as much as we do! It's really like having a child. This is our first dog and we couldn't care for him anymore than we do. The most surprising part might be how much my mom is attached to him, too! Our dog turned my mom from a dog tolerator to a dog lover. And he is loved by the whole family. The grandparents ask for him to come over for a day for a play date and he has aunts and uncles that love to buy him toys. Our dog is perfect for our family. He seemed to know exactly what we wanted in a dog and molded into that. He sleeps through the whole night, loves to be picked up and loved, and every day just gets cuter.

I just wanted to thank you so much for our dog! It has been the most positive experience having him and makes me excited to get another Pomeranian from you when I live on my own. Whatever you do before selling these dogs is perfect! My sister and I often relive the day that we looked at those three puppies and just think at how perfectly trained they were and how we could have easily been happy with any of those dogs. I just wanted to thank you so much for our dog Bruiser and we will refer you to anyone looking for a dog and go to you next time that we are looking for another addition to the family. Thanks again!

5 April 2010

Hi Elaine,

Itís been a tough road the past 6 months here at home: Janice lost her Dad to cancer in September (they were very close) -- my kids' nana passed -- I had pneumonia -- Janice had pneumonia -- and the estate stuff has been killing Janice. Then our special Pom ... Chance ... left us.

These past few days .. after receiving the puppy from you ... have been the absolute happiest Iíve seen Janice in quite some time.

Thank you kindly, and from the bottom of my heart, for what you do.

Link to video: It may take 2-3 minutes to fully load as itís a good size file. In this format you may want to pause it, let it fully load and then play it.


April 2008

Elaine ...

As you are aware, we contacted you after the unbearable loss of our best friend, our eleven year old white Pomeranian. I was in a depressed state of mind and, looking through my Pom Reader, we saw your add and wrote to you. That happened to be the best thing we ever did!

You were understanding, compassionate, and caring, and knew what I was going through. I had to get a different color and a Parti seemed right for us. We saw the collage of "Oreo" on your web site, and it was love at first sight. He was seven months old, paper trained, and friendly, with great social skills. I was concerned about having him shipped from Ohio to new Jersey, but you assured me it would be safe. You love your "babies" and would only do what is best for them.

Let me tell you, from the moment I saw him (through all the tears) we bonded. He is absolutely fabulous. He sleeps all night, loves to be held, and falls asleep with me in bed. Oreo is my new shadow, he comes when I call, sits outside the shower waiting for me, and is nothing less than my loving companion whose tiny body has the biggest heart. His personality is unbelievable. He rarely barks, and greets all people with such happiness. All our neighborhood kids want to walk and play with him.

Our Vet made a statement that I must share with you (this is a large respected group of 6 doctors) ... that he has never seen a Pom with such a wonderful personality. He asked the name of our breeder and said he would not hesitate to recommend you.

I know choosing a breeder is so important and I feel so very fortunate to have found you. I know because of you, he has such a winning personality. This doesn't just happen, it requires love and dedication. Oreo is the perfect pup and we are so blessed to have our new "son" join our family.

You will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

Thank you,
Judy Regenye

P.S. I am no longer depressed, Oreo fills the void in my life.


22 March 2008

Hi Elaine,

My name is Lisa Greenwood my family had bought a Pom puppy from you a couple of years ago...I believe you called her Chloe? She is red with white on her chest. We call her Abby. My Mother had a really mean cat called Chloe that the kids were terrified, we couldn't call her that ... lol.

I have been meaning to write to you forever...I just wanted to tell you what a loved family member she is here. She is totally my baby and, I can't imagine life without her. She is the sweetest, neatest dog I have ever known. She gets along with everyone in our household and, has a special relationship with each person. She loves our other older dog Sophie and seems to mother her at times. Its so funny to see this tiny little dog boss around a bigger dog...but, what can I say they make it work ... lol.

I had a bad skiing accident that was rather life changing for me last year...spent 5 months not really walking and, had two surgeries so lots of recovery more to go. Abby never left my side...she seemed to sense I was fragile and would seek me out. She would even crawl up on the couch and lay on top of my cpm machine (it worked my leg) and ride it up and was the only place to lay...guess, she felt she needed to keep an eye on me...she was quite the comfort to me.

Abby even travels with us all over the world! You just show her the carrier and she is ready to jump in ... and she loves all the people that make over her at the airports, hotels, etc. Of course, I am Mama moose and am very protective over her with kids tease a great deal about this lol.

Anyway...I just wanted you to know how special she is to us all...and, thank you for breeding such an exceptional dog. As, a breeder myself (of horses)...I know it must be a rush to have a dog go out and win in the ring and be a champion...but, maybe more importantly, to have a dog be a champion in the hearts of the family that owns them...the ultimate have raised an animal that has intelligence, along with a faithful heart that is truly loved is surely worth more than any blue ribbon.

Warmest regards,
Lisa & Abby

February 19, 2008

Hi Elaine!

Our puppy, Gucci, is the highlight to our day. We LOVE Gucci... he is such a playful, happy little puppy! He rules the house here and loves being in the middle of EVERYTHING... and of course, we let him... lol. He has brought SOOOOO MUCH joy in to our home. We just love him so much... he rules the house... and I tend to spoil him.

Anywhere we take him we get the "OHHHH MY GOSH, HE IS SOOOO CUTE!... WHAT TYPE OF DOG IS HE?... CAN I PET HIM/PICK HIM UP?" lol... He is a total eye catcher. When I took him in to the vet for his appointment he was the life of the hospital. He didn't care the size or the dog... he went right up to them with a wagging tail and immediately starting sniffing. The 2 times he has gone to the vet I have gotten a call from the doctor personally to tell me how beautiful he is. I guess there are not too many Pomeranians like my baby around here.

Thank you very much for everything. I cannot express my appreciation enough. All your knowledge and willingness to share it, tips, and love for what you do made this experience a true pleasure. We are very, very happy parents to this little puppy. He is so happy and loving. We will definitely be calling you again. If you ever change your email or phone, could you please give us the new contact information so we could stay in touch for future puppies?

We are already thinking of getting a little brother or sister for him in the near future. Trust me... we will definitely be calling you... LOL!!!

Thanks again for everything,
Kim, Mo, and Gucci

December 31, 2007

Hi Elaine:

We hope that you had a Merry Christmas. Just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with Dolly. She is such a wonderful girl. Dolly has a lovely personality and she is a little sweetheart. She is going to be a nice weight for breeding. We love her so much.

We wish you a wonderful New Year and all the best in 2008.

Frank & Marie Hueston